Current Open Positions

To apply, please send an email to us ( with your CV and transcripts (you will only hear from us if we are interested in your background).

About Our Research Group

Our group is interested in solving important research problems and building practical systems in cloud/SDN/NFV security. This group is part of the NSERC/Ericsson Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in SDN/NFV Security. We mainly publish our research work at top-tier research conferences (e.g., NDSS, CCS, ESORICS) and journals (IEEE TDSC, IEEE TIFS, and ACM TOPS).

About the CIISE Department and Concordia University

The Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) has a faculty complement of 24 professors, including eight internal and external research chairs, active in various areas of Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems Security, and Quality Systems Engineering. The Institute is dedicated to multidisciplinary research and training of graduate students. For more information about the institute, please visit: Concordia University is recognized as Canada’s top university under the age of 50 and one of the most international universities in the world. Ambitious, innovative, research- and community-engaged, our university is celebrated for its commitments to transformative learning, convergent thinking and public impact. Concordia supports teaching, learning and research by its commitment to sustaining excellence, inclusion and opportunity for the entire academic community. For more information about the university, please visit:

About Montréal

Montréal, our home, is exceptional. It is a truly unique city — safe and clean, vibrant and diverse, with new things to discover around every corner. Another reason people flock to Montreal is because it's an affordable city. With a diverse population of 1.7 million, it is home to four major universities and several clinical research centres, and has been named the best student city in the world. The city is home to over 170,000 university students, a thriving multicultural scene and the most affordable tuition in Canada.